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“The Community Preventive Task Force recommends combined diet and physical activity promotion programs for persons at increased risk for type 2 diabetes on the basis of strong evidence of effectiveness in reducing new-onset diabetes.” Read more to understand why Diabetes Prevention Program information and access should be top priorities in addressing diabetes care in Illinois.

Find a Diabetes Prevention Program in your Illinois community! There are currently 14 diabetes prevention programs for type 2 diabetes offered in Illinois and there are 9 CDC-recognized organizations that deliver them. The ILDPC believes in the importance of increasing delivery of information about and access to these programs to reduce the burdens of type 2 diabetes in our state.

Did you know that the Affordable Care Act eliminated cost-sharing for preventive services, such medical nutritional therapy for diabetics and diabetes screening? But there are still milestones in policy that we can work to achieve in Illinois, such as full coverage for diabetes self-management education programs and increased access to these programs.

According to the 2015 Illinois County Rankings Data, the rate of adults with diabetes in Illinois is 9%. How does your county compare? We can use tools like this to evaluate health needs and expand our policy efforts to reach communities with higher rates of diabetes.